ICESPIKE 3/8" Deluxe Package

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Installing ICESPIKE™ on your new or gently worn favorite rubber-soled footwear creates non-slip shoes and non-slip boots! There is no better ice traction device than the Original ICESPIKE™ - it is equally effective on ice, snow, mud, rocks, loose gravel or any rugged, slick terrain in any season. ICESPIKE™ transitions with ease and can even be worn on dry pavement!

ICESPIKE™ is a traction system of 32 spikes and an installation tool which is used to apply the spikes directly to the sole of a shoe or boot. The ice spikes are specifically engineered of cold-rolled, tool quality steel to maintain hardness and integrity of grip ten times longer than any other system of ice cleats or snow cleats. The unique patented design of the spikes provides unsurpassed surface penetration and stability, and the spikes are self-cleaning. The locking design of the screw keeps them firmly in place, yet the fine thread allows removal with no visible trace.

The recommended installation pattern is 12 spikes per adult size shoe, 3 on each side of the forefoot and 3 on each side of the heel; 24 spikes per pair of shoes. 8 additional spikes are included. Depending on size of shoe or type of foot strike, users can individualize their installation for custom traction.

ICESPIKE™ ice grippers make it simple and easy to turn your footwear into winter running shoes, shoes for winter walking and winter hiking, winter trail running shoes and winter work boots. Get traction on ice, traction in snow, and stability on any treacherous surface!

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