S-LAB Sense 4 Ultra SG

Posted on February 08, 2016 by Cyrus Hartsough | 0 comments

I went for it, and I'm so glad I did!  These shoes did not let me down.  I don't want to put the expectations too high, but the S-Lab was far superior to any other trail shoe I have had.

I put them on this morning, and the first thing you notice is the fit.  The upper hugs your foot perfectly, and the quick lace makes it so easy to feel snug right away.  It is a bit of a narrower fit, but in a comfortable way (I don't have an extremely narrow foot).  The only thing I noticed is that my left heel (smaller foot) began to slip a couple kms in.  I just tightened it up more than the first time, and didn't have the issue again.  So I wouldn't be shy to go snug from the start.  It feels a bit tight, but it is not constricting and you don't realize it is tight shortly after.

The other thing you don't realize, is that you are even wearing a shoe.  Yes they are snug, but so light that you can have a quick cadence and feel almost like you're floating.  Yet you still have amazing grip.  Going up the hill was great, of course.  Light and aggressive on the toes.  Descending was also a treat, though, with confidence in cornering after gaining trust in the shoe. The Sense SG is good option for those who don't love the fit of Speedcross or the extra high heel feeling in the 11mm drop, but want the aggressive outsole.  The 4-6mm drop on these make it feel like a more natural run, closer to the ground.It is definitely made for the trail though.  The brief road time was not too great, of course.  Felt a bit like a cleat.

Only con - I don't want to wear any other trail shoe now.

Overall, a screaming buy.  Fast, light, great fit, and looks cool too!  Racing red!  Now I am looking forward to hitting the trails even more!

Written By Michael Serani

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