A Triumph of Saucony Proportions

Posted on July 21, 2015 by Greg Lehmann | 0 comments

ISO....three simple letters....a celebration for runners.  For 2016, Saucony's flagship cushioning shoe - The Triumph - was sent back to the lab for a significant makeover.  Amongst some desirable tweaks, this storied shoe company is proud to present ISOfit technology.  Sounds intriguing you say?  The results are fantastic.  It merges an inner mesh wrap with an outer frame which adapts to every nook and cranny of your foot as you lace the shoe down, resulting in a perfect fit.  Secure and personalized.....getting a little spoiled, aren't we?

They've also added some cushioning, while not increasing the weight.  Where are these shoe company's mining these materials anyway?  I am not going to bother finding out.  I just plan on slipping these shoes on for my next long run and stopping only when I need more espresso.


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